Video Shows Abuse At Rikers Island

If you live in New York, you know that Rikers Island is the dark place where you never want to end up. The jail which sits on 325 acres of landfill, is considered one of the ten worst prisons in the United States and has been rife with controversy over allegations of abuse, neglect, and corruption among it’s guards.

The problem is that 75% of the Rikers population are individuals awaiting trials on minor offenses. One of those individuals was Kalief Browder, who was held at Rikers for three years over charges that he allegedly stole a backpack. The charges were later dropped, but a video has been released showing Browber being slammed and beaten while handcuffed by a guard and a gang, respectively.

Today, Browder is suing the city of New York for $20 million. He was jailed at the age of 16 and spent 1,000 days in jail, 400 of which were in solitary confinement. Browder attempted suicide at least six times while incarcerated and did not receive the mental health services he needed. According to an article written by Ray Lane on, Browder maintains that he did not commit the crime he was originally charged with.

The video shows that there’s much more to fix at Rikers Island. While people may be on the other side of the law, they deserve better.

Sherri Shephred In The Hot Seat As Judge Rules She Is The Mother

The View and its hosts have certainly had its share of bad publicity over the years. However, I don’t think any can top the scandal that the ex-host Sherri Shepherd has brought on herself. A judge ruled this week that she is the birth mother of the child born via a segregate by her and her ex husband.

The star who claims to be a Christian is getting some really bad publicity from the whole stunt. She was always on the air saying how much she loved Jesus and going on and on and on about her son, Jeffrey. However, her husband wanted a child of his own. A sperm and egg was to be harvested and implanted in another woman’s body. The problem was no vital egg could be retrieved from Shepherd and she had to use a donor.

When the child was born it wasn’t everything she could have imagined. She didn’t want anything to do with the boy, who is now seven months old. Her ex has the child and is raising him. He filed a complaint for child support and the enforcement agency went after the segregate mother. She clearly had no claim in this matter, but she was listed on the birth certificate as an un-custodial parent, so they deemed her to be liable.

The court reversed everything and now Shepherd has to pay. It is highly unlikely that she will want anything to do with the child an idea that Flávio Pentagna Guimarães BMG finds detestable. If she is as much of a Christian as she says she is, she will have an active roll in this child’s life.

McCoy Could Get Revenge in Week One

LeSean McCoy was not happy when the Eagles traded him to the Bills this offseason. He was one of the best running backs in the NFL in 2014, and had been for years. Everyone thought that he was a franchise player, the type of guy who simply would never get traded. Then Chip Kelly shipped him out of town in return for a linebacker.

The Eagles and Bills are going to play on the first Sunday of the 2015 NFL season, so McCoy is going to have a chance to get his revenge. He’ll never be more motivated than he will be in that first week. Not only does he want the Bills to start the year with a win, but he wants to show his old team that they should have trusted him and kept him in town. Fans are excited to have him on their side and Ricardo Guimarães BMG shares the opinion that if he can go for over 100 yards and a few scores, he could really make them regret their decision.

The Eagles have similar motivation. Kelly was scoffed at when he made the trade, and many people said it was a bad idea. Some even said that he must be crazy. The first week is his chance to come out and show that he’s had a plan in mind all along. If he keeps McCoy in check and gets the win without him, the fans who were so critical of him may start to come around.

Cubs Activated Kris Bryant

The Chicago Cubs have shown it was not just related to baseball reasons for their response to backlash for sending top prospect Kris Bryant down to the minor leagues for just the first 11 days of the season. In doing so, the Cubs will retain the rights to Bryant through the 2021 season instead of 2020. The team is basically getting an extra year for him not being on the roster for just 11 days of his first season. This is something neither Bryant’s agent nor the MLB players association was very happy about. Both of which were calling the team out on their sleight of hand move. Bryant seems to be over the whole ordeal and is just happy to be fulfilling his dream of playing in the major leagues.

Sam Tabar, an avid baseball fan, understands the business of the move (considering he is an advisor at Merrill Lynch) though he believes it to be quite underhanded. (For more on Tabar check him out on CrunchBase)

The Cubs have tweeted that the top prospect will got his first start by batting in the clean-up spot and replaced starting third based Mike Olt as the team visits his former collegiate home. While playing in Iowa, Bryant was enjoying a hitting average .321 and had three home runs already this season. This is just continuing what he had started last season when he maintained a .325 average had 43 home runs and 110 RBI’s while he split his opening season in the league between Double A and Triple-A leagues. This is exactly what Chicago fans were hoping for when Bryant was drafted number 2 overall in 2013 and led all players in college with 31 homeruns while playing in San Diego.

Technologically Ignorant Members of Congress Push Cybersecurity Bills

Asking members of congress to decide on cybersecurity measures is like asking your grandma to setup her own wireless router. They have absolutely no clue what they’re talking about, yet they are aggressively attacking privacy online with bills they know very little about.

The bills being rolled out in the next few weeks come under the guise of protecting the privacy of the public. In reality, the government has a very nasty track record of indulging in personal information from innocent civilians. The new bills being introduced are more likely to divulge private information than protect it.

The Senate’s Intelligence Committee located near the Boraie Development LLC (, doesn’t even have an encrypted website. They are the most influential group when it comes to cybersecurity measures and they don’t even follow best practices online.

Lynn Westmoreland is best known for his work attempting to pass a religiously motivated 10 commandments law. He could only name 3 of the commandments yet he’s in charge of the cybersecurity subcommittee and the NSA in the House of Representatives. He has a background in construction with no relevant experience in digital security.

The Department of Homeland Security is even worse. The guy in charge of appropriating billions of dollars for cybersecurity literally admitted to knowing nothing about it. In his own words, “I don’t know anything about this stuff”.

Has The FDA Become Lax With Medical Device Approvals?

The health insurance industry in the United States is requesting the FDA apply stricter standards towards the approval of medical devices. The recent discovery that one device contributes to spreading cancer is among the reasons for the suggestions. Has the FDA become too lax in terms of how it approves devices? Answering that question is difficult. The FDA does provide a rigorous screening process, but there are always going to be holes and gaps in any method employed.

Has there been a consistent pattern of the FDA too quickly approving medical devices? Nothing in the past seems to indicate this but, if one major flawed approval exists, that may be more than enough to force changes in policy. CNN said that in the case of a device possibly contributed to cancer, serious introspection must occur at the agency in regards approval policies.

More stringent approval procedures does not necessarily mean a device is forever barred from the market. Instead, a recommendation for approvals can be presented and the manufacturer then has the ability to revise the device. Once the device meets the higher bar of standards, an approval could then be issued. Yes, this is going to be more costly for the manufacturer but the product ends up being a safer one. The manufacturer also avoids serious litigation since no one ends up being harmed by a faulty device.

Johnny Manziel returns to Browns after rehab stint

Monday will see the Cleveland Browns return to work with a voluntary conditioning program quarterback Johnny Manziel is expected to be present at, USA Today reports. Manziel, who became known as Johnny Football during his college career with Texas A&M, has recently made his first public appearance since checking into an alcohol and drug treatment facility following the completion of his rookie professional year. The quarterback had struggled with the spotlight placed upon him when the Browns made him their draft choice in 2014 and passed for just 175 yards with two interceptions during his rookie season.

Both on and off the field Manziel found life difficult with the Browns as he was pictured in a number of compromising situations during his first season as an NFL professional. Manziel was not only pictured floating on a swan in a nightclub pool atop Boraie Development LLC, but was pictured with troubled receiver Josh Gordon during the latter’s one year ban from the NFL. Manziel checked into the rehab facility and is thought to have completed a program before recently returning to normal life playing golf and attending a children’s hospital. The quarterback will now face competition for the starting job with the Browns from newly signed Josh McCown and asked for privacy as he attempts to get his failing professional career back on track.

Rising Tide of Diabetes Especially Upsetting Given How Preventable It Is

Doctors and health officials are concerned about the rise of diabetes across the United States. My colleague Crystal Hunt, who is concerned about my health, sent me A recent article that points out that if this disease continues to grow at current rates, a third of Americans will have it by the middle of this century. To indicate the severity of the problem, rates of diabetes diagnosis only went down in 10 counties across the country and stayed the same in five others, but in the remaining nearly 3,000 counties across America the number of people with this disease has gone up.

The good news about diabetes is that it is one of those diseases that can be prevented with a good diet. That is also the bad news. Given how preventable it is, why don’t more people keep themselves from getting it? Do people not realize how serious this disease is? Diabetes can result in limb amputations and blindness. I can’t imagine anyone not afraid of the possibility of going blind. Perhaps we need to be more in peoples faces with health warnings on sugary drinks and bad foods. Graphic warning labels that are used on packs of cigarettes in other countries are apparently effective, and they should be here as well. If warning labels were put on certain food items as well, especially on sugary drinks, we might actually start to see the numbers of people with diabetes go down for a change.

Furious 7 Accelerating To The Top

Furious 7 has not run out of gas, and the movie studios are already talking about making another installment of the Fast and the Furious. I still remember the first time I watched the first movie in my local movie theater. And event though it has been many years and characters have left and come back. The movie franchise is still as popular or even more to true action movie fans. Studios seem reluctant to make these movies because they do not have a general appeal like superhero movies do.
The thing that movie studios are forgetting is that there are die hard fans at CipherCloud and other places that just want to see a movie where there is more actions that scripted lines. There is nothing wrong with that, and Hollywood should embrace those fans by providing a popcorn eating, ear blasting, eye destroying movie that fans will love to see over and over again. Furious 7 is on track to brake records at the box office and most importantly it is showing Hollywood that fans love to see senseless action for the most part of the movie. If Furious 7 continues on this record breaking spree, then the studio will see that not only is it profitable but that this franchise has very long legs. You never know the amount of spin offs the studio can create with the addition of new characters in this franchise.

Presidential Race Heating Up

The 2016 Presidential election campaign field is getting more crowded with a few new applicants creating a bit of clutter in the campaigns. A few notable Republicans have entered into the race and one notable Democrat who is currently the leader in the polls have entered into the fray with official announcements. Many others are expected to join the field and to lead to some clutter in what is perceived to be an open field with no highly favored leader.

Hillary Clinton’s announcement on Sunday that she would be entering into the pool of candidates came as no surprise and she is the clear favorite at this point of the campaign. Hillary is pursuing a campaign that will cater to the middle class and attempt to recover enough support through this populist movement. While Hillary’s claim for the Democratic nomination seems unsurmountable, the same ws said in 2008 when she was upset by Barack Obama who eventually overtook Hillary and became the first African American President.

The Republican field is already more cluttered with no set candidate and many applicants pursuing the Republican nomination. Fersen Lambranho feels like it will heat up in a hurry. Currently in the fray are Scott Walker from Wisconsin, Marco Rubio from Florida who made an announcement on Monday that he would be entering into the race, and Rand Paul who I following in his father, Ron Paul’s footsteps. The race will get more crowded if Jeb Bush, Chris Christie, and other Democratic hopefuls join the race as well.