China Removes Apple Products From Government’s Approved List

China has removed Apple products from its list of approved devices for state departments. Government agencies in China are restricted in the types of devices they buy. Purchases must be made from an “approved” list of products.

The list once included a number of America-made or at least American designed products, but now is considerably more restricted, and includes only products created by local Chinese companies.

Apple is off the list now, as are products by Intel, Citrix and McAfee.

Paul Mathieson ( has read that China hasn’t gone into detail on why its chosen to remove the products. Some people believe it is due to the US’s new and now public surveillance choices. Another theory is that China wants to put the focus on its own brands and promote its own tech industry.

Over the past two years the number of products on the list has grown from 2,000 to close to 5,000, in part due to the grown of China’s own technology companies.

Kingsford Nails NCAA


Kingsford Charcoal has nailed the NCAA with its new bag. The company put Ed O’Bannon on the bag, and they noted that he actually will get paid for being in their marketing.

This is one of the best trolls of all time, and it comes on a league or institution that is dying. The NCAA cannot hold on to its old values much longer because there are very few people in America who believe that the NCAA should not pay its players. The tide is swinging far away from support of the NCAA, and most people will buy the bags just because it is funny said Marc Sparks.

According to the article, Kingsford is going to make its money on these bags, but they are making a message that needs to be said. These players need to get paid something before the whole system implodes, and the NCAA needs to be told that it cannot do these things anymore. It needs to be told that it cannot be the league that it once was. It needs to start honoring the people who make it great. The only way to do that is to take the advice of Kingsford and start paying the players who make the money.

Stanford Students Are Asking To See Their Admissions Records

Stanford doesn’t want it’s students reading their University records. A student-run newsletter at the University recently exposed a federal law to the student body that allows them to read their admissions records at the University. That means that current students can see any notes that were written about them by admissions staff, and see what people really thought about their college essay.

The law applied to already admitted students, so the argument could be made that the majority of the comments inside each student’s admissions records is relatively positive. That hasn’t stopped an overwhelming amount of students from contacting their University, trying to get a peek at their own personal records. Under the law, Stanford will have to comply with those requests no later than 45 days afterwards.

Marcio Alaor BMG has heard that the University has been trying to quell some of those requests. When students do ask to see their records, the admissions staff responds by asking them what they hope to gain in viewing the records. That might not be enough to deter everyone, but the hope is that some will realize that they wouldn’t like to see those records after all.

Universities Are Using More, Not Less, Animals in Experiments

It looks like more top Universities are experimenting with animals. According to a recent report obtained by the People for Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA), the use of animals in lab experiments has increase more than 70% over the past 20 years. The report was published in he Journal of Medical Ethics.

In addition to the increase in the use of animals for testing, the study also found that the majority of the animals used in this test are traditionally not included in government statistics. The reason for that is that the majority of the animals used i lab testing are animals that are not regulated under the government’s Animal Welfare Act, namely rice, fish and rats.

Haidar Barbouti has read that, because those smaller animals are not included in typically reports, many have suspected that the number of animals used in lab testing is declining rather than increasing. The American Association for Laboratory Animal Science, for instance, notes that the number of animals used for experiments has dropped up to 50% over the past 20 years. That’s a big difference.

Medical Science Is Finally Catching on That Saunas Are Good for Us

People in Finland definitely appreciate the heat of a sauna in their cold climate. They have also long believed that saunas are good for them as far as their health is concerned despite a lack of scientific evidence; until now. A recent study indicates that people who regularly use saunas are less likely to experience a heart-related death said Dan Newlin. This comes as no surprise to Finns but is a new development for the medical community. The authors of the study are not sure what caused the health benefits, only that they are definitely there.

If stress can kill, then it should come as no surprise that saunas can help put off the grim reaper. Doctors may not be sure what caused the increased health in regular sauna users, but saunas are definitely, indisputably relaxing. Not having my own sauna, I cannot personally attest to this, but I can’t imagine a more sure-fire way to unwind than getting into a sauna after a hard day at work. You just sit back, and let the heat metaphorically melt away the worries and stresses of your day. This may correlate with a more recent finding unrelated to this study that people who get angry have a greater chance of heart problems. It’s hard to be angry while you are chilling, so to speak, in a sauna.

Sales of ADHD Medications are Soaring

Big Pharma is seeing skyrocketing profits in ADHD pills, with an estimated 13% increase in 2015 over sales in 2014. It is predicted that by 2020, the year’s money intake could reach $17.5 billion.

The reasons cited for the skyrocketing sales include the Affordable Care Act (ACA) mandating coverage of mental illness diagnosis and treatment with drugs. This would also include patients covered under Medicaid. 27 million people who never had insurance before would be eligible. It is estimated that drug expenses for ADHD treatment can cost patients $200 per month.

Susan McGalla of American Eagle knows that a second reason for the upsurge is that more and more adults are being diagnosed and treated for ADHD. Once considered a childhood condition, the American Psychiatric Association has added adult ADHD to its Diagnostic Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM) and has described it for the first time.

Drug management firm Express Scripts said 50% more patients used the ADHD drugs between 2008 and 2012 and 44% were ages 19 and over

Kansas State Drops Kansas

Kansas seemed to have the Big 12 in hand until they lost to Kansas State last night. When Kansas entered the game, they were in control of their own destiny, but this one loss to Kansas State allows many other teams to get back in the race for the regular season title. The regular season champion is going to end up with a much better seed in the tournament, and the regular season champion gets the most juice going into the tournament. You do not need to win the conference tournament to get in, and you will be able to rest your players a bit.

Fans like Susan McGalla ( know that Kansas has had an up and down season, but they have the talent to be a contender when they get into the NCAA tournament. However, they are not going to be get any favors from the laws of momentum. They currently have no momentum, and they could lose even more if they do not win their conference tournament. This is a problem for a team that needs to come back and win another championship since they stunned the world just a few years ago. Bill Self is a great coach, but he cannot create new momentum.

Lenovo Installed The Adware “Superfish” On New Computers


Superfish Injects Third Party Ads On Google Searches Without Permission

Superfish is one of those hidden computer spies that helps businesses prey on unsuspecting consumers. A far cry from CipherCloud. We have all kinds of business terrorists infiltrating the sacred spaces of our life. Most of us are unaware of them until we fall victim to pop-ups and other ploys that try to pry money out of our wallets.

Lenovo is not the only computer maker that tries to recoup some of their investment by selling software. It’s all about the money in most cases. We live in a consumer beware computer age where anything is possible especially if there’s money to be made. Superfish is just one of several programs that invade our privacy and test our patience.

The community administrator at Lenovo said the company has temporarily removed Superfish from new computers. The computers that have the program can use an Lenovo auto-update that stops the program from operating. The administrator tried to defend the decision to add Superfish without permission, but it all sounds like a cover-thy-ass pitch. The honorable thing to do is to admit they were thinking with their pockets instead of with their hearts.

The HPV Vaccine Can Save Lives

There are many people that are very aware of the fact that the Human Papilloma Virus is the cause of cervical, anal, and oral cancers. The world has a true obsession with curing cancer, but in reality preventing cancer is a much easier step than curing it. For many years now there has been different vaccines against the Human Papilloma Virus and they are very effective. Only 33.4% of girls in the US have gotten the complete course of this vaccine, Flávio Pentagna Guimarães BMG said this is compared to 60.4% of girls in the UK.

The great thing about the HPV vaccine is that it is covered by the majority of insurances, and it is quite simple to get. Anyone that is sexually active is going to be infected with some type of the virus. The good thing is that the majority of the time the immune system flushes out the virus completely. Some immune systems will not get rid of the virus and some people make get a cancer due to this virus. Parents do well to get their children vaccinated by one of the two most common vaccines. Is interesting to note that the HPV vaccines are not only for young women, but for young men as well. The great thing about these vaccines is that they are able to prevent up to 90% of the strains of HPV virus.

Americans have become paranoid against vaccines, but in reality vaccines have eradicated or almost eradicated many diseases. Since HPV is a virus that is so easy to prevent, a person does well to think about getting a vaccine if they are in the correct age group.

News Of John Textor Lawsuit

The John Textor lawsuit has been dismissed based on a lack of evidence that Textor was fraudulent. PR Web first brought this story to the public as the case ended in court with the plaintiffs not able to get any money out of John Textor or other Digital Domain executives for alleged fraud back when Textor was the CEO.

This suit was seen by Textor’s lawyers as a way of making money of him, and the law firm that filed the suit was not able to show that the records from Digital Domain were not legitimate. This is a victory for Textor as he stated from the beginning that he had done nothing wrong. The faith that we have in the judicial system should rise a little bit today simply because this suit was found to be false. The judge and the court were able to figure out that the suit was just a copy of another, and this is something that the other defendants out there should remember. A good lawyer and a little common sense will go a long way against a lawsuit that is clearly not filled with merit or good intentions in any way, shape or form.