Confederate Flag Seen by Majority of Americans as a Symbol of Southern Pride

The CNN/ORC poll regarding the issue of the Confederate Battle Flag finds that a majority of the American public believe it to be a symbol of Southern pride. Fully 57 percent of the public view the flag positively. That figure is largely unchanged in the 15 years that have transpired since South Carolina faced the same issue back in 2000.

That said, the poll is unlikely to change anyone’s opinion. This is because the matter is deeply divisive along racial lines. In the South, three in four whites see the flag as a symbol of Southern identity and pride. Only 18 percent of whites view it as a symbol of racism. When Southern blacks were posed the same questions, the figures were reversed.

In addition, the level of education a person obtains affects their view of the flag. Shaygan Kheradpir found that 78 percent of whites who view the flag as a symbol of Southern pride have not graduated college. Among those who have obtained a college degree, support for the flag is 51 percent supporting it with 41 percent opposing it. The issue of the flag has once again taken a prominent role in South Carolina following the tragedy in Charleston. While the public grapples over how to resolve the issue, a consensus has not arisen that proves satisfactory to a majority of the public. It should be noted that younger African-Americans seemed slightly more amendable to a compromise than older ones.

The Cost of Caregiving

Researchers are currently looking for ways to use technology to lift the heavy burden for people who are caring for loved ones living with dementia. The use of technology is becoming an increasingly beneficial tool for those who are looking for help. The author of the article that released this information recalls interviewing a doctor who specializes with patients who suffer with dementia.

When the doctor gets one new patient, he oftentimes finds himself caring for two patients instead. Dr. Bruce Miller directs a center at the University of California known as the Memory and Aging Center. Dr. Miller has recorded data that shows more than fifty percent of people who have to become caregivers develop some symptoms or a certain form of a major depressive illness because of their caregiving role. The caregiver can find themselves hopeless and unable to know what to do next and this mentality can place a heavy burden on the medical system. It is estimated that by the year 2025 more than 7 million United States citizens will develop Alzheimer’s disease.

PR Newswire said that millions more will have one form of dementia or another. With the rate of dementia and Alzheimer’s expecting to climb substantially in the next few years, doctors and researchers are scrambling to get this problem under control before it gets out of their hands. The researchers employed more than 2,100 patients who suffer with these diseases to explore the in depth world that these people are trapped in.

Californians Cut Down on Water Usage

Californians Have Now Finally Cut Down on Water Use

For the last couple of years, the state of California has seen one of the worst droughts in its history. The drought has proven to be quite costly financially and environmentally.

Despite the continued lack of rain not improving things, there is some good news coming from this says Madison Street Capital. Many of the cities in the state have managed to reduce their use of water by as much as 30% this past spring. Fresno, for example, has some of the strictest watering restrictions in the state due to the drought and has always been trying to cut down on water usage.

The way that the decrease of water usage in Fresno was done was through use of different postcards. The city sent out two types: a colorful, friendly one warning citizens of water usage and a darker non-colorful one doing the same. The latter of these had more effect and homeowners responded by drastically reducing how much water they consumed over time. Of course the threat of penalties was also a factor in all of this, after California governor Jerry Brown ordered all cities to reduce water use by 25%.

A show of how serious the drought was came when the National Weather Service had announced that the city of Los Angeles had now gone through four consecutive dry rainy seasons, receiving barely 30 inches of rainfall.

Red Wings Sign Brad Richards

It was a busy day in the NHL yesterday as free agency opened up. The Detroit Red Wings made two significant deals which landed them a top defenseman and a veteran forward. The Wings agree to a three-year $6 million dollar deal with former Washington Capitals defenseman Mike Green. Sam Tabar mentioned that the Wings did not stop there as they also signed Chicago Blackhawks center Brad Richards to a one year deal worth $3 million.

Some experts question why Richards decided to go to the Red wings because many feel they are not contenders to win the Stanley Cup next year. Richards took a pay cut last year to sign with the Blackhawks because he felt they had the best chance to win the Cup. Richards will join a rather young team with the exception of Pavel Datsyuk, Niklas Kronwall, and Henrik Zetterberg who are all getting up there in age. Some speculate that Richards was signed because the Wings are expecting Datsyuk to miss a lot of games due to injuries. Datsyuk recently underwent ankle surgery which may keep him out for the start of the season.

Others question whether it was a good deal or move for the Red Wings to sign another aging center for that kind of money, especially when it was pretty clear that Chicago had no intentions on bringing Richards back. Richards had 37 points last year with the Hawks.

Dwyane Wade Is Leaving the Heat

Dwyane Wade has been a Miami staple for the better part of the last 11 years, ever since getting drafted by the Heat 5th overall in the 2013 NBA draft. Since then Dwyane Wade has gone on a Hall of Fame tear through the NBA: racking up All Star appearances, NBA Championships, and even a Finals MVP back in 2006. He is a three time All Defensive 2nd Team player, as well. Wade had an option to remain with the Heat at almost $16.9 million dollars for one more year but it appears that the Chicago native has no interest in sticking with the team.

Can we say that we are surprised that Wade is leaving Miami? On one hand: yes, but on the other hand we really aren’t. The Heat have made it abundantly clear that they wouldn’t tank their franchise in order to appease Wade, not since he has started to seriously decline in recent years reports Shaygan Kheradpir. Add in to the fact that Wade watched LeBron leave and get a new team catering to his every expectation, and we have to imagine that there might be some jealousy involved as well.

Wade has never been the highest payed player on his own team and we are thinking that the 33 year old shooting guard might want that to finally happen. He can’t do it in Miami, not with Chris Bosh drawing in the bigger paycheck.

Boy Dies of Diptheria

What may serve as a gentle, but unfortunate reminder for anti-vaccine parents, it has been confirmed that a 6-year-old boy recently died after being diagnosed with diphtheria.

The boy was admitted to a Barcelona hospital on May 30. It was learned that the boy had not received the vaccination for the bacterial infection. According to the Mayo Clinic, diphtheria is “a contagious disease that spreads through contact with infected bodily fluids, such as from sneezing and coughing, as well as through the handling of items that an infected person may have come into contact with.”

The boy suffered from irreparable damage that led to the dependence of artificial respiration. The tot’s cardiac and kidney functions were also affected by the diphtheria toxin. The boy’s friends and classmates were tested for the disease. Although several students tested positive as carriers of the bacteria, they did not suffer due to having received the vaccine prior.

Spain does not impose laws forcing its citizens to receive vaccinations. That’s something that Brian Bonar was not familiar with.

It is the first time in nearly three decades that diphtheria has been noted as present within the country’s borders.

Anti-vaccination advocates have for years claimed that vaccines may cause autism, as well as other life-altering ailments, and even death. According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, there is no link between vaccines and autism. The National Vaccine Information Center, however, claims that more than $3 billion has been awarded to children and adults that were injured following the administration of mandatory vaccinations.

Know Your Status

Maria Davis was an honest citizen who had no idea that she was carrying a life threatening disease. Twenty years ago Maria underwent tests for the human immunodeficiency virus as part of applying for a life insurance policy. A week and a half later Maria was stunned when she found out that she was in fact carrying HIV. Maria was devastated to be carrying this disease. During those days HIV was considered to be a ‘gay, white man’s’ disease and as a black woman Maria never thought that the disease would affect her. Maria’s case isn’t the only case on file in which patients had no idea that they contracted HIV or that there was even a slight chance that they would contract it.


Those who live unknowingly with HIV make up one third of the disease’s transmissions. It is estimated that 14 percent of the 1.2 millions of American who are currently living with HIV have no idea that they are even carrying the disease. Thanks to years of study and research HIV can be managed and those who carry it can lead normal and healthy lives. All of the work done to combat the disease will be in vain if those carrying it are going unchecked and untested. If an individual catches the disease in their early 20s there is no reason or doubt that would suggest that they couldn’t live well into their 70s. It is not important to be an activist for the cause but getting tested and knowing your status is. That’s what Adam Sender recommends.

Shark Attack Survivor Describes the Unbelievable Moment it Happened

Hunter Treschl is a 16-year-old boy from Colorado Springs, Colorado who was recently spending some time vacationing Oak Island, North Carolina. While enjoying his time in the ocean, he felt something brush up against him. Before he could react, a shark clamped down onto his left arm. In an exclusive interview with ABC News, Hunter has described what that moment and the aftermath has been like for him.

Hunter said that he felt the shark on his arm, he looked down and saw it had clamped on right around his bicep. According to Shaygan Kheradpir, next thing he knew, his arm and the shark were no longer attached to his body. His cousin, who was swimming next to him, helped carry him out of the water and onto the beach. Strangers helped with first aid until he was able to be airlifted to the New Hanover Regional Medical Center. There, Hunter’s arm was amputated just below the shoulder. As a left-handed dominate person, Hunter will now have to learn how to use his right hand for tasks. It is expected that he should receive a prosthetic arm sometime in the near future.

Hunter was not the only shark attack victim that day. Just a short hour before Hunter’s attack, 12-year-old Kiersten Yow was bit as well. She lost her left arm below the elbow and suffered damages to her left leg as well.

Marc Sparks Spreading his Knowledge

Leading Others to Success

Marc Sparks appears to have many of the qualities of a genius. He is above average in all of his business ventures. Marc Sparks has a broad range of interests that always seems to lead him to success. Marc Sparks is a man of character. His wealth of knowledge is spread out to his community. Marc Sparks leads other people to success by sharing his skills and secrets. These secrets will be offered in the book that he is writing. It is called They Can’t Eat You. In his book, he lays out his personal journey to success. He encourages every person to strive to reach their own potential. Marc Sparks did not have genius qualities while he was growing up and in school. This young man was a student with the average c grade. Marc Sparks was not a remarkable student when he was younger. Marc Sparks did become a successful human being as he matured. His strives to teach others to reach for success in their lives. Marc Spark’s idea behind writing the book was to inspire others with his personal story. Marc Sparks is an individual that passes inspiration to others through his actions and his writing. Marc Sparks did not achieve his success by accident. He grew into success through his many experiences and his education.

A Well Respected Businessman
Marc Sparks has earned the respect of many. He is a distinguished business man and he resides in Dallas, Texas. He is the head of Timber Creek Capital. This is a equity firm that specializes in creating entrepreneurs who dream big. This is a company that ensures that the needed items are received in order to navigate a business to its full realization. From the perspective of Mark Sparks a passionate dream is within every persons reach.

The Future Has Arrived

Lexus has built a reputation for going above and beyond in integrating technology into their vehicles. Their standard of bringing the latest and best technologies to drivers has been matched by very few. They are now introducing what has, to this point, only been a thing of movies and dreamers.

Lexus has designed and built a hover board. This is similar to a skate board although it does not touch the ground in any way and does not have any wheels on it. The new technology found encapsulated in the board uses the power of magnets, as well as liquid nitrogen.

Alexei Beltyukov has taken note of the fact that the Lexus team has spent a few years developing the technology, but feel that they have made huge strides in propelling this new technology further into future realms that were otherwise thought to be impossible.

This creativity and innovation is just the tip of the iceberg for Lexus and its team of developers. They have generated a whole sub-sect of their company to finding and developing new technologies that will enable us to live better and tap off of innovations that would otherwise be left in stalemate.

The hover board takes much of its design and some of the materials from present models of the Lexus line of vehicles. Such materials as bamboo have been integrated into the board’s design for that sleek look and featherweight balance. Great things are in store for the world with these new technologies and Lexus does not seem to be slowing down.

All Written by Michael Piedmont