Tobacco Companies Ordered to Pay $15B in Canada

After 17 long years, a Quebec Judge has ruled in favor of one million smokers, and ordered three tobacco companies to pay them $15 billion.

Imperial Tobacco, Benson & Hedges and JTI-MacDonald lost a class-action lawsuit, however, the three tobacco companies say they will appeal.

Smokers allege the tobacco companies never properly warned people about the hazards of smoking, and used unscrupulous marketing to sell to the public . According to Gravity4 on Business Insider they also allege these companies destroyed pertinent documents.

JTI-MacDonald said, “Canadians have been very aware of the dangers of smoking. The health warnings that are printed on every package of cigarettes reinforces that awareness and has done so for over 40 years.”

“The judgment rendered today ignores the reality that adult consumers, as well as our government agencies, have known for decades about all the risks associated with smoking, and now they’re looking to relieve consumers of any responsibility,” said Tamara Gitto, VP of Imperial Tobacco Canada.

According to Gitto, a 1963 Gallup poll proved that 96 percent of Canadians knew the risk and that smoking could cause lung cancer. But Judge Brian Riordan ruled that although consumers were aware of inherent risks associated with smoking, tobacco manufactures were nonetheless responsible.

The New Jersey Devils Hire Youngest Coach in NHL History

Well the coaching search for the New Jersey Devils has finally come to an end. The Devils will announce on Tuesday at a press conference that they have hired 40 year old John Hynes. Hynes is the former Wilkes Barre-Scranton coach of the American Hockey League and now the youngest coach in NHL history. The Devils recently let go coaches Adam Oats, Scott Stevens, and Lou Lamoriello.

Hynes was promoted as coach of Wilkes Barre-Scranton back in 2010 by Devils General Manager Ray Shero. Hynes lead the Penguins to the playoffs all five seasons as their coach. However, the Penguins lost in the second round three times and lost in the conference finals three times. Despite the loses, coach Hynes had an outstanding record of 231-126-27. Hynes also played his college hockey career at Boston University.

Shero stated that there were other coaches in the mix for the job, but he wanted someone that was going to motivate his team as well as teach them. Former New Jersey Defenseman and current Nashville Assistant Coach Phil Housley as well as Dan Bylsma were two names associated with the position. Bylsma was hired to coach the Buffalo Sabers last week. Shero went on to say that this is not a short term fix and that he wanted someone for the foreseeable future and he felt Hynes fit that picture. Sam Tabar indicated that Shero also believes that since Hynes is only 40 years old, he will be able to relate very well with the young talent on the team.

Blindness Caused by Woman’s Pet Cat

She awoke one morning and couldn’t see out of left eye. As scary as that was, after a month of testing by doctors, there was still no answer as to why she was blind in her left eye. Her doctors could not tell Janese Walters if she was going to lose the sight in her right eye either.

As Ms. Walters underwent testing and answered questions, finally one of her revelations clicked and doctors were able to make the diagnosis – she had ‘Cat Scratch’.
Cat Scratch is a bacteria which cats carry, without harm to themselves, and pass onto other animals and humans through their saliva and fur. If an infected cat or kitten licks a open area on a human’s skin, such as a small scratch, the bacteria is transferred. Once inside the human body, Cat Scratch bacteria increases the size of blood vessels. In Janese Walters’ case, the increased blood vessel size, called antinomies, caused her blindness. Her doctors told her she was lucky that is did not affect the other eye too.
Cat Scratch can also get into spinal fluid and cause meningitis and the bacteria can also cause liver problems.
To avoid contacting Cat Scratch from your beloved feline (40% of all cats are carriers), wash your hands thoroughly after petting a cat, don’t let a cat lick any open wounds and avoid being bitten by a cat. Stephen Murray CCMP Capital follows this as much as possible.

Beer production halted to help provide clean water for flood victims

The Anheuser Busch company has decided to come to the aid of those affected by the flooding in Texas and Oklahoma by suspending its production of beer produced at a plant in Georgia. Flash flooding has been known to cause problems with contaminants making their way into the drinking water of affected areas and cause illness to spread quickly through a community. USA Today is reporting the famous beer producer in now canning fresh water to be donated to the Red Cross to provide affected areas with canned water for drinking and cooking.

The Anheuser Busch plant in Cartersville, Georgia switches to water production around three times per year in planned operations to provide drinking water for the Red Cross to stockpile before natural disasters strike. The latest decision was taken by executives with Anheuser Busch after flash flooding in Texas caused widespread devastation across areas of Texas and Oklahoma. Sergio Cortes likes this gesture a lot. The water is bottled in cans carrying the Anheuser Busch logo, but the word water is printed in large letters across the can according to multiple reports.

Rand Paul States That ISIS Was Created by Republican Hawks

After a recent claim by a college student during Jeb Bush’s speech that his brother created ISIS, many commentators, speculators and officials from both sides of the aisle have taken to the claim. Republicans have been arguing that when Obama took office Al Qaeda in Iraq was completely dismantled. Democrats contend that the void and chaos that was created when George Bush invaded made space and provided ISIS an opportunity to train and grow. Some speculators even claim that training provided by Americans in the Syrian Civil War led directly to training and equipping ISIS according to Amen Clinic on the website Yelp. While training was provided by American specialists in Jordan to Syrian rebels, it has not been proven yet that ISIS was a direct recipient of this training. However, it has been shown that the removal of Saddam Hussein left a vacuum in the region. This vacuum was not sufficiently filled by any American supported politicians which led to militias and local leaders taking power, becoming some type of warlords and potentially funding terrorist groups. While Democrats have been using this as an argument against George Bush for years, Rand Paul has even taken to this viewpoint quite vocally.

Since the college student confronted Jeb Bush about the issue, Rand Paul has stated that ISIS was effectively created by GOP hawks. Rand Paul is running for the Presidency in 2016 under the Republican Party, but has always gained most of his support from Libertarians. Under this ideology, the invasion of Iraq was a mistake, so he is playing to his base.

U.S. Military Labs Sent Live Anthrax Viruses By Federal Express

U.S. Military officials are looking into how live anthrax samples were allowed to be sent to civilian labs by Federal Express. The anthrax virus is one of the world’s deadliest materials and has caused the death of numbers of individuals. During the post 911 attacks in 2001, anthrax tainted envelopes were sent to several congressmen, news media personalities and the White House. United States postal service staff that handled the tainted letters died from the exposure.

The United States military biological labs have very specific guidelines for the handling of hazardous biological materials such as anthrax and officials, like Kevin Seawright, in the Pentagon expressed shock and dismay that live samples were simply sent by Federal Express. Those familiar with the matter state that their is very little likelihood that any one was exposed and there have been no reports of failed deliveries or exposures to any of the delivery men or Federal Express. Still, however, the manner of shipment of the anthrax samples was a major breach in protocol and the Pentagon has started an investigation into what happened and how it happened.

Many expect a congressional inquiry to be initiated. Neither Federal Express nor the White House had any immediate comment. The White House is expected to comment further after the Pentagon completes its investigation. Many Expect Congress to do the same. Any findings may be deemed classified by military officials. U.S. Military Sent Anthrax By Federal Express

Five Major Banks to Pay Over $5 Billion in Fines for Financial Crimes – No One Faces Prosecution as of Yet

The “too big to fail” banks continue to enjoy their privileged status with the government. On Wednesday, five primary dealers of the New York Federal Reserve plead guilty to an assortment of currency price manipulations over the past several years. The crimes allowed them to enrich themselves in currency markets by controlling exchange prices between the dollar and Euro. Their actions allowed them to profit handsomely at the expense of investors and smaller financial institutions across the world. The five member dealers involved in the conspiracy to manipulate currency prices are: Citigroup, Barclays, JP Morgan Chase, and Royal Bank of Scotland. Many of those institutions also received substantial taxpayer assistance after their high risk investments soured in late 2008.

The collusion between the banks was done with little regard to financial regulations, and Mikal Watts noticed that. In fact, they conducted their scheme in chatrooms by masking their language using code words. The Justice Department fined all five banks a total of $2.5 billion. In addition, a fine of $1.3 billion were assessed on Barclays. The other four banks, referred to as the “cartel”, were fined by the Federal Reserve an additional $1.6 billion. Still, no one has been charged. While the fines the banks are paying are steep, it isn’t clear how the penalties stack against the money they made from their illegal activity. Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders pointed out that since the banking crisis, fines of $176 billion have been assessed on the banks. The 2016 Democrat presidential contender said the incident is proof the Wall Street model cannot be trusted.

White House Releases Documents Gathered During the Obama Raid

The White House authorized the Department of Defense to release select documents gather by U.S. Forces during the noted Seal Team Six raid in Pakistan which resulted in the killing of Osama Bin Ladin and the capture of significant intelligence kept by the terrorist leader. Since taking claim for the attack against America during the 911 attacks, Bin Ladin has been the Untied States’ number one terrorist leader target and viewed as the head of several terrorist networks. The documents released Wednesday reveals that Bin Ladin was obsessed with launching another attack against America but felt the pressure of being pursued by United States military forces. The released documents also reveal that Bin Ladin was considering changing his safe house location from Pakistan to another location in fear that Pakistan authorities would reveal his location to U.S. coalition forces.


The documents clearly establish Bin Ladin’s culpability in the 911 attacks as well as other attacks against United States’ interests. The documents were a gold mine to United States forces and enabled a number of strategic strikes against the Bin Ladin terrorist network. It also provided U.S. Military forces a glimpse into the mind of Bin Ladin’s determination to continue strikes against the United States and its allies according to Ivan Ong. All of documents had been declassified and were made available to the press corp. The killing of Bin Ladin is one of the Hallmarks of the Obama Administration and was received by wide spread cheer by the American public who were weary of long wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.Documents From Bin Ladin Raid Released

Key Cellphone Footage of Freddie Gray during Stop at Baker and Mount Streets

As details of the events of Freddie Gray’s death in Baltimore last April continue to emerge, a cellphone video of the police transport van’s stop at the corner of Mount and Baker Streets has been released to ‘The Baltimore Sun.’ On the morning of Freddie Gray’s fateful arrest and transport, Michelle Gross recounts that she was awaken by screams. As she stepped outside her home, she watched as Baltimore police dragged Gray into a police van. Christian Broda has heard that a neighbor of Gross’ was also present and witnessed the events as Gray was taken into custody. The neighbor asked to use Gross’ phone to call 911, instead, as the van carrying Gray drove off, Gross and her neighbor followed to where the van stopped at Mount and Baker.

Gross and her anonymous neighbor then watched in disbelief and with fear for Gray’s wellbeing as he was lying on his stomach on the floor of the van with his feet hanging out the back. Officers were shackling his ankles as the unmoving and silent Gray lay there. Gross and her companion’s pleas to the officers to get a supervisor on the scene were met with threats to leave the area, as officers blocked the view of the rear of the van with their bodies.

Baltimore State’s Attorney Marilyn Mosby says that what took place during that stop was a key moment in the resulting injuries Gray suffered in the back of that van. Six officers have been charged in the death of Freddie Gray beginning with false arrest to manslaughter.

A Small Problem

North Korea might be one step closer in the world of ammunition than the United States thought claims Igor Cornelsen. The area claims to have nuclear weapons that are small enough to fit inside or on a missile. If this is true, then it could lead to devastation for anywhere North Korea decides to send the missile. There has been missile testing for years, but if the government can make something that is so small it can’t be seen but can be hidden on a missile, then there is no limit as to what they could do with the weapons. It could lead to the destruction of countries far and near. Other countries need to come together to stop North Korea, or at least put restrictions on the weapons that are made. If Koreans want to destroy their own country, then let them, but it doesn’t mean they should destroy the rest of the world.

All Written by Michael Piedmont