Madison Street Capital’s Services

Madison Street Capital is a reputable investment banking firm with its headquarters in Illinois, Chicago. This international firm is always committed to providing the highest standards of service that are guided by integrity, honesty and experience. The firm is a one-stop shop for all matters related to financial advisory services, mergers, and acquisitions, valuation services as well as financial opinion services to both public and privately owned companies. Being an international firm, it currently has offices in Africa, Asia, and North America.

Madison Street Capital has specialized expertise in matters related to working together with middle-market firms that are in different industry segments and niche markets. With such partnerships, the firm is committed to seeing to it that its clients achieve the very best. The company has made a name for itself because it does not confine itself to offering similar or standard services to all its clients. It offers personalized services through a careful assessment of every client’s needs so as to be able to get the best match when matters related to matching buyers and sellers are concerned.

It is also trusted because it arranges the most appropriate financing as well as creating capitalization structures that are always tailored towards optimizing the client’s potential. It has been featured in TV on Today in America. Over the years, the firm has been a trusted partner as well as a leading provider of services related to mergers and acquisitions assistance and financial advisory services.

Not only is Madison involved in business advisory services, it is also involved in building strong communities within all countries it operates in. It offers philanthropic support to different community organizations whose main purpose is to make the world a better place. Its most recent philanthropic activity involves United Ways, a philanthropic organization that provides emergency assistance to people affected by natural disasters.

The firm believes that every activity it does must be accorded the highest levels of diligence. Its team of exemplary professionals believe that extensive relationships and experience are key factors when matters related to making the best investment decisions are concerned. It is with this notion that the firm has been able to assist clients from different industries achieve best results. The best thing with it is the fact that it does not lock its doors and it is open to companies regardless of their size and location. To Madison Street Capital, services guided by honesty, integrity and professionalism is what it is all about.

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Investors And The Feds Are Concerned About Global Growth

The Federal Reserve has been on the minds of investors like Brian Bonar all year. Let’s be clear. The Federal Reserve is always in the back of investors’ minds, but this year has been a very strange year. Brian Bonar, the CEO and one of the directors of Dalrada Financial Corporation, knows how quickly the investment world can change when there is a glitch in the global market. The glitch this year is a big one. China, the leader of the top emerging markets in the world, had a major financial meltdown. The Chinese stock market lost almost 40 percent of its value, and the Chines government injected billions into the market to keep it from crashing completely. There were signs that the Chinese were headed for a meltdown, Chinese manufacturing is slowing down, and that means China exports are off as well, according to Mr. Bonar. In a global economy, exports are the glue that holds emerging economies together.

Mr. Bonar has extensive experience in the global business world. He worked for IBM Europe for 17 years, and he is an executive and a board member of several corporations. Bonar thinks the Federal Reserve is very concerned about China’s ability to recover quickly, and the Feds are also concerned that the economies of Brazil, Russia, and South Africa. The Feds and some investors think the BRICS countries will continue to experience a recession and a major bout of inflation through 2016 and possibly into 2017.

The Federal Reserve is very data-dependent, according to Mr. Bonar. The recent downgrade of Brazilian bonds and the fact that oil prices have had such an impact on the global economy left them no choice but to keep interest rates the same. The strong U.S. dollar and low inflation in the United States will help the U.S. economy in the short term, but if China doesn’t get a handle on their financial debacle quickly the U.S. economy will show signs of the global financial slow-down.

In fact, the Federal Reserve thinks the U.S. economy will slow down because of the issues that face the world. The oil situation, export lethality, and currency fluctuations along with several other issues will start to erode the American economy, according to the Feds. But those issues may not stop them from raising rates in 2015, according to Mr. Bonar. The Feds have their own way of interrupting the global signs plus they have their own agenda. So some investors are planning for a quarter of a percent increase before 2016. If that happens, some investors think it will complicate an already complicated global financial scenario. Other investors say oil prices will come back, and China will recover sooner than expected, and those changes will help the current economic outlook.

The Disadvantages of Independent Contracting

There are a lot of attractive things about independent contractor work. Freelancing, independent working is what many people are seeking out as an alternate means of income. One very huge advantage is that there are huge potentials for earning. In many cases, there are no limits to how much money a freelancer could make in a day. The only limit is how much work he does in that time period. However, one must also look at the disadvantages to being an entrepreneur. This is often ignored by the freelancer in less active gigs like writing. However, when it comes to gigs like house cleaning and landscaping there are certain benefits that are needed.

Among the benefits that are offered to employees but not independent contractors is workers comp. The truth is that even with the most careful and least accident prone worker, there is a possibility of injury, especially with the more active types of jobs. The unfortunate thing is that there is a chance for an injury to put the worker out of work. As a result, he may no longer have any income coming to him due to his injuries. However, there are efforts being made to change that.

This effort is being supported by companies like Handy. Handy is very interested in bringing better benefits to its workers. After all, their services offered are house cleaning. While it may not sound too hazardous, house cleaning entails a lot of things. For one thing, people do not just clean stains or carpets. Workers may do things like pick up messes or even assemble furniture. Handy workers are especially expected to fix issues with the home due to their advanced and thorough way of doing jobs.

Handy housecleaning is hoping to start providing benefits to their workers even though they are independent contractors. They booked over one million jobs in their first three years and recently received $50 million in funding.  While independent contractors do tend to make more money than employees, the amount of money they make does depend on the work that they do. If they do not work as much, then they do not make as much money. So it is important to Handy that they provide an environment that enables their contractors to work.

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Coaching Real Estate Agents Leads To Overall Success

Training is vitally important in acclimating a new employee to any employer, but perhaps even more so for real estate agents. New agents, agents who are not doing as well as they would like and agents who came from another real estate agency who might be used to doing things differently are all likely to need coaching in order to become successful real estate agents within your organization. Even agents who are successful in the business need coaches to offer them new ideas to help them grow their businesses or try out new strategies.

Coaching offers an agent several advantages. First, it allows an agent one-on-one time with a coach so the coach can directly address problems the individual agent is having or his or her misconceptions about the business. The best approach is to identify the agent’s strengths and weaknesses. This allows the coach to amplify and focus the strengths and come up with ways to help the agent mitigate the weaknesses. It is generally better to focus on fewer exercises and methods at a time, so the agent does not become fed up or frustrated.

The best strategy for growing a successful real estate firm is to create groups of agents where they are free to express their ideas for how to grow the business and work on strategies together. This allows the agents to bond and creates a friendly atmosphere. A concurrent approach is to hold a prospecting class where agents participate in a prospecting activity roughly every week. This can take six to eight weeks. For both approaches, each agent needs to have an accountability partner. Bringing in speakers and top producers can help give agents ideas and knowledge that they can take, mold to a firm’s needs and build upon.

The ultimate goal of this is to create an environment where every member feels like they are on a winning team. Every agent respects themselves and their colleagues as friends and are motivated by each other’s successes. The goal is not to create competition within your firm and have your agents attempting to take business from each other, but to create some friendly competition that gets your agents taking business from your competitors.

Essentially, coaching and a great work environment must not be exclusive. A great culture with little success will force agents to look elsewhere, and a negative work environment will have a similar outcome.

Real Estate Mavericks is one of the top options for coaching real estate agents in America. Led by businessman Greg Hague, he has been called “America’s #1 real estate expert” for the good, creative advice and competitive advantage his coaching gives real estate agents throughout the country.

His courses cover a wide variety of topics, from utilizing social media to how best to list a property. He also coaches agents on the importance of building a reputation and a tangible presence in a community, which ultimately brings more business and trust to a real estate firm and its agents.

Information About Coriant And Its CEO

Coriant is a telecommunications company, and you can learn more about Coriant by reading the rest of this article.

Early Beginnings
Coriant was launched in March 2013, and a few months later the company became independent from Nokia Siemens Networks. Marlin Equity Partners ended up taking over ownership of the company.

The company offers various hardware and software products. Coriant sells products for optical transmission in voice, mobile and data networks. Some of the products the company sells include hiT 70xx, which is for multi-service provisioning, and Transnet/Transconnect, which is for network planning. Coriant offers software defined network solutions, intelligent network management, packet optical transport solutions, MSPP solutions and edge routing solutions to name just a few.

Industries Served
Coriant serves a wide range of industries. Some of the key industries Coriant serves include mobile network operators, fixed line network operates and government/defense agencies. Coriant also serves content providers, cable MSO and the research/education industries. Submarine network operators, utility network operators, rural network operators, banking/finance and enterprise industries are industries that are also served by Coriant.

Shaygan Kheradpir: The CEO Of Coriant
Shaygan Kheradpir is the CEO of Coriant, and he was born in London, but he grew up in Iran. Eventually he relocated to the United States, where he earned a bachelor’s degree and a master’s degree. He also earned a doctoral degree in electrical engineering.

Kheradpir has recently been appointed as CEO and Chairman of the Board of Coriant. Prior to becoming Coriant’s CEO, he worked at Marlin Equity Partners, and Verizon, where he served as the president of the company’s e-business division. In 2011, he worked at Barclay’s, where he was the COO of the Global Retail & Business Bank. Kheradpir was also the CEO of Juniper Networks.

Other Information
When it comes to delivering Tier networking products and services, Coriant has more than 30 years of experience. The company has more than 500 customers located around the world, and their customers are located in more than 100 countries.

Coriant offers industries with high quality service and if you are interested in doing business with Coriant, then they can be contacted via their website.

Adam Sender Brings His Love of Art into His Home

When someone loves something a whole lot, they want to be surrounded by that thing that they love. When someone cares about something, they want to collect as much of that something as they can. I understand what it is like for those who collect things that they love. I get how an individual could become so in love with something that they would surround themselves with it. I understand individuals like Adam Sender, and I get what they are doing when they start a collection of something that they love a whole lot.

What is it that Adam Sender loves, and what has he done with that love? This man loves art. This man has a passion for art. Because of his love and his passion, Adam Sender has surrounded himself with artwork. This man has brought art into his home, displaying pieces there, so that he can always have them close by. Adam Sender appreciates the beauty that art has to offer, and he has chosen to include many pieces in his home. Adam Sander wants to be surrounded by what he loves, and artwork is just what he loves.

I understand how someone like Adam Sander would choose to be surrounded by something that he loves, and I really respect the fact that he doesn’t keep his artwork to himself. It is said that Adam Sender likes to have friends over in order to show off the artwork that he has collected. This man has artwork in his home, and he likes to bring individuals into his home in order to let them see all that he has been able to collect. I respect the fact that Adam Sender is willing to share the beauty of the artwork that he has collected with those who are a part of his life.

Tips For Cleaning Your Canine’s Teeth

Being a loving companion to a dog is extremely rewarding, but also requires a great deal of responsibility. When you take an animal companion into your home you make a commitment to do your best to keep it healthy, safe and happy. This means taking proper care in your canine companion’s hygiene which includes dental care.

Dogs, like people, are at risk for aggressive and painful gum diseases that can lead to tooth decay and dangerous oral infections. Extreme dental pain and the inevitable loss of teeth that accompany untreated gum diseases typically leads to diminished or lost appetite in a vast majority of dogs. This means that over time a dog with gum disease will eventually be malnutrition and more susceptible to illness and disease.

So how exactly do you make sure your fur-coated best friend has a healthy set of pearly whites? It might sound silly but brushing your dogs teeth is a tremendous help on for many of the same reasons that it healthy for humans to brush their teeth. Scraping and brushing plaque off of your puppy’s teeth and stimulating their gums will help keep them eating all of their favorite treats and feeling happy and healthy. This might be a difficult routine to establish because dogs aren’t typically accustom to the sensation or process of teeth brushing. It can take time to build this routine but once your dog comes to expect it, brushing their teeth will become much easier.

Another thing that can help ensure the health of your dog’s mouth is to throw your dog a bone. Nothing hard like a steak bone, though. Extremely hard bones can fracture and damage the enamel of teeth which typically leads to excruciating pain. Softer bones like knuckles are hard enough to help scrape your dogs teeth and keep their mouth cleaner but not so hard that they risk doing damage to their mouth if they bite down too hard. Also make sure that your dog doesn’t have to significantly stress their jaw in order to get their mouth around the bone. This can cause pain and may eventually make it difficult for your dog to eat. If your dog for some reason doesn’t care for chewing on bones or you simply want to give your pooch a variety of chewing options, try one of the many products Beneful has that will help keep their mouth healthy.

Whether you have a large breed of dog, small lap dog or a new puppy, the health of your dog’s teeth is essential to their overall health and well being with the help of Beneful. Establishing an oral hygiene routine along with regular dental check ups with your dog’s veterinarian gives your canine buddy the opportunity for healthy eating habits which will lead to the good nutrition from Beneful. The nutrition of your dog is vital to guarding them against infection, disease, illness and will allow them to heal more quickly after injuries or procedures. Not to mention a balanced diet is crucial for dogs who are active and high energy.

Handy Raises $50 Million in Additional Funding

Our current society has become more intertwined with mobile technology than many individuals may have ever thought possible. These mobile technologies are helping us in ways that we may have never even thought were possible. These technologies can help us hail a cab, get a date, and now even help to keep our house clean. Handy is a new app that is linking home care specialists with those who need their services. This is an app that is growing in popularity every month due to the great services that are always rendered by the professionals in this company. There are many different types of home cleaning services out there, but none who are doing quite as good of a job as Handy. There are many different certified individuals out there who are helping to clean these houses on a regular basis at a very professional rate.

It is no wonder why Handy has become a very prolific success over the last few years. Since its start in 2012 Handy has become one of the leading cleaning services in cities all over the world. Handy is able to link cleaning professionals with those in need of cleaning services better than just about any other on demand service. This is due in part to the great level of professionals that there are in the Handy network. Techcrunch has reported that Fidelity wants to get in on this massive growth on the ground floor. Fidelity has been noted at pledging 50 million dollars worth of additional seed funding into this fast growing company. There are many companies that may see a staggering growth due to lack of funding, but this is not the case at all with Handy. Due to this new level of funding it will be incredibly easy for Handy to become one of the leading on demand services in America. Fidelity has positioned Handy for massive growth over the next few years in the fast paced world of on demand apps. Handy has been growing very rapidly thanks to the great investments that have been put in place by many large venture capital firms.

Lacrosse Star Cares About What He’s Doing With His Life

One man who seems to care about what is going on in the world more than most is Jon Urbana. He has recently set up a GoFundMe fundraiser with some heavy Facebook promotion behind it (send him a friend request) to try to raise money for the earth because he knows that everyone needs to be doing their part to take care of it.

Jon Urbana Supports Earth Force is a campaign that’s encouraging the youth who have come to his lacrosse camp to be doing all that they can for the environment, and he has also encouraged them in their dreams of becoming professional athletes. As a former pro lacrosse player most known for his dominance as a Villanova Wildcat, Urbana cares about the world around him, all of the people in it, and all of the kids who have gone to his camp have quickly come to love him for that. It’s why his Twitter page @jonurbana1 is now up to 500 followers.

They see that he is a great guy, and they come to have a good deal of respect for him because of the way that he cares for them and the earth. While the last few years have been spent learning to navigate the skies, this resulted in an Aviation Business Gazette announcement that showcased Urbana’s initiation into the FAA Airmen’s Database.

The Next Level Lacrosse Camp website shows that Jon Urbana was a great lacrosse player back in his day, and now he has moved on to doing other things that include a startup called Ellipse. The charity work that Urbana does has made a big impact on the world, as has his lacrosse camp. Look at some pics on his website for a glimpse at the community service his campers have performed.

And some more Next Level press was shared to Urbana’s Slideshare page, which recognized it as one of the top destinations in America.

Urbana’s helped many youths via Instagram to realize their dreams of becoming athletes, and he has also helped them to know what they should be doing to show care for the earth. Jon greatly about all that he is doing, and he is someone who should be greatly respected for that.

Sergio Cortes Knew What He Wanted And Made It Happen

Sergio Cortes knew when he was young that he wanted to live his life differently than most people. So one day he decided that he would like to be a Michael Jackson impersonator, and he did everything that he could to make that happen. He worked hard to take on the look and actions of that man, and the hard work that he put into things helped him to become the best Michael Jackson impersonator out there. People have called him that because they can see how much time and effort he has put into things. They are impressed by that, and they are impressed by how flawlessly he seems to look and act like the man.

Michael Jackson was loved by many, and it is not an easy thing to try to act like him. Sergio Cortes had to put his all into making things go just right, so that those who love the singer greatly could come to love him for all that he was doing. He is a man who has always been trying for his best in his career, and the way that he has pushed himself has allowed him to become great at what he does.
Sergio Cortes didn’t want to be just like everyone else, and the career path that he has chosen really is something different. Not too many people choose to be an impersonator, and not too many people would succeed at it if they did. Sergio Cortes is able to do well in that career, though, and he can feel proud of himself for all of the hard work that he has put in. He wanted to become a great impersonator of the singer, and that is just what he has become.
Sergio Cortes has worked very hard to have the success he’s been able to achieve, and he has used all of his talents to the best of his ability. It took hard work and ambition for him to get to where he is at today, but he has made everything happen in a good way because he knew what he wanted and he went after it.

All Written by Michael Piedmont