Stafford Helps Reopen Rec Center


Although the Detroit Lions lost in the playoffs to the Dallas Cowboys and ended their season early, Matthew Stafford is having quite a week and has been in the media for several things. He flew to Arizona to make his Pro Bowl appearance and actually won the MVP for the offensive side of the ball and looked very good in the game against the AFC. Stafford is an up and coming player in the National Football League and has had a moderate amount of success in his career thus far. The Lions have made several playoff appearances since he was drafted several years ago and he has had some truly amazing performances for the franchise which was finally highlighted in the Pro Bowl.
He is in the news again this week, according to, for his duties to the city of Detroit, who has been in constant turmoil since the city filed for bankruptcy several years ago. Detroit is literally in tatters and there was a lot of people, like Haidar Barbouti, who felt that it might be best just to bulldoze the city down and put in farmland. That was a serious discussion. The city, however, is rebuilding and it will take more actions like Matthew Stafford is taking, who recently helped reopen a recreational center in Detroit that had been closed down in 2013 and also has plans to open another recreation center on the North East side in the next few months.

Cablevision Becomes The First Cable Company To Offer WiFi Based Phone Plans

For 1GB of data, one can expect to pay as much as $5. That is a little over 3 hours worth of YouTube videos. With the abundance of money that cell phone providers charge for bandwidth, it comes as no surprise that many people utilize WiFi connections when it comes to downloading large files as opposed data from their 4G/3G plan.

As such, it comes to no surprise to Flavio Maluf according to his latest post,  that more and more companies are looking at the possibility of releasing a WiFi based phone. Last week, Cabelvision proclaimed that it will be providing WiFi based phones through a sister company called Freewheel.

Through Freewheel, a user would be given unlimited talking, texting and data for only $29.99. Better yet, if you are an Optimum Online customer, you can get the same service for only $9.95. What’s also worth noting about this new service though is that you can’t use a regular cell phone and would have to purchase a specific Motorola Moto G phone through Freewheel, which costs approximately $99.95.

This service can prove to be especially useful to people who reside on the eastern side of the United States, because a large majority of Cablevision’s 1.1 million hot spots can be found on the eastern side of the country.

The company proclaimed that while the service may not be suitable for someone who is always on the go, it can prove be a cost effective alternative for individuals who work at home or a building that has WiFi, for individuals who are looking for ways that they can cut down on their expenses and for children as well.

It All Began Above A Liquor Store: The Bruce Levenson Story

Most companies start from humble begins and Bruce Levenson was no different. While going to school at night, Levenson started a career in journalism and wrote for the Washington Star. He took his knowledge in journalism and started his own business in a room above his father’s liquor store.

It is in that tiny space and with the help of Ed Peskowitz that United Communications Group was born. The first newsletter published under the UCG name was entitled Oil Express that focused on the oil industry. As time went on, United Communications Group acquired more newsletters and databases which allowed them to publish items for various industries. Levenson was later inducted into the Software and Information Assoication’s Hall of Fame for his work at the United Communications Group. Under the hat of UCG, Levenson was the founding board member of TechTarget.

Bruce Levenson was not all about work however. He was also a philanthropist who founded or donated money to many foundations in order to educate people. He was the founding donor of the U.S. Holocaust Museum, located in Washington D.C. The museum not only educates people regarding the events of the Holocaust, but it also educates people on how to be tour guides and other aspects of running a museum. He and his wife Karen were responsible for creating the Center of Philanthropy and Nonprofit Leadership at the University of Maryland.

Levenson’s love for basketball not only brought him to the Atlanta Hawks were he was the owner, but to the Hoop Dreams Foundation. It is here that underprivileged children get to learn the game of basketball among other important life skills.

Levenson is also a busy family man that enjoys spending time golfing and playing with his grandchildren. He and his wife also enjoy traveling adventures.

Jonathan Veitch Life Achievements

Jonathan Veitch is the president of Occidental College. Born in 1959, Veitch attended Loyola High School in California before joining Stanford University for bachelor’s degree. He later received his doctorate degree in History of American civilization from Harvard University. He has authored several books and conducted research on culture and history.


Before joining Occidental College, Veitch worked in The New School where he held several positions. His service included stints as associate provost and chair of humanities. Veitch also served a five-year term as the dean of the Eugene Lang College. As a dean, Veitch focused on expanding the size of the college and take advantage of its status as an urban liberal arts college. Jonathan also worked in the University of Wisconsin where he taught in the English department.

Jonathan Veitch became the president of Occidental College in July 2009. He has initiated many development projects and repaired relations with the local community. He developed a strategic planning process to better the college’s future, strengthen engagements with the neighboring communities, arts and global literacy programs. Veitch has also sought to develop new partnerships with others institutions in California.

The first thing that Veitch did was to address the community’s concerns about the planned campus developments. Community members felt that the proposed staff condos will interfere with the social fabric. Veitch held discussions with community officials and announced that the college was doing away with some of the developments. He also announced that the college will concentrate on renovating the existing structures and only constructing new ones when need arises.

Under Veitch leadership, several construction projects have been initiated and some completed. The first one was the renovation of the Swan Hall. This is a 98 year old hall which houses some of the College’s faculty offices. Samuelson Alumni Centre has also been completed during his tenure. Renovations are also underway at Johnson Hall and the Johnson Student Centre. The college has also developed a one of its kind 1-megawatt solar array. This solar plant will generate almost 11% of the college’s annual power usage.

Jonathan has authored several award winning publications. Most of his publications focus on 19th and 20th century American film, culture and history. He has also done a research on higher education in United States. Veitch is married to Sarah and have three children. He lives with his family in the Presidents house on the Occidental campus.

Rodgers Doesn’t Touch Ball in Overtime


After going up big in the NFC championship game against the Seattle Seahawks on Sunday, Aaron Rodgers and the Green Bay Packers found themselves scratching their heads looking confused as they were forced to march down the field with a minute and thirty seconds left in the game in order to tie or win the game. What is so baffling about how the game came down on Sunday was just how far ahead the Green Bay Packers appeared on the sidelines. The Seattle Seahawks looked utterly dejected and had already accepted the fate that awaited them when the clock hit zero, but Russell Wilson and Marshawn Lynch had other plans. The Seahawks stormed down the field, scored a touchdown, won an onside kick and scored another touchdown all in just over three minutes. They also converted on a two point conversion, putting them up by three points. Aaron Rodgers took them down the field and scored a field goal, but little did he know that was the last time he would walk on the field. As seen in Crains, the Seahawks won the coin toss and continued on their streak of luck. They went right down the field insanely fast and scored a touchdown to end the game. An exciting play for Seahawks fans, like Ben Shaoul.  It seems pretty unfair that Aaron Rodgers didn’t even get a chance to touch the ball in overtime. Although the league has made changes to overtime, they should really consider allowing both teams to touch the ball regardless of an overtime touchdown.

Are the Cavs just mediocre?

The Cleveland Cavaliers of the National Basketball Association created a wave of media attention during the off season when they acquired former player and superstar LeBron James as well as Kevin Love. There was a massive amount of speculation that they would be the best team in the Eastern Conference, but that has not manifested. They simply are not playing good basketball.

Although they have had injuries, they have consistently lost games with their star players in the starting lineup. Despite the fact that the Eastern Conference is far below the quality of basketball that is played in the Western Conference, the Cleveland Cavaliers find themselves sitting in the sixth spot with an even twenty wins and twenty losses. Although the Eastern Conference is weaker than the west and the Cavaliers will most likely make the playoffs, this is not what the organization or fans like Mark Ahn had hoped for. They had expected themselves to get their star players back and rise to prominence in the Eastern Conference but it has not worked out as they had expected.

LeBron James clearly does not like his coach, who is in his rookie season and has spent the majority of his coaching career overseas and the team has not played with the cohesiveness that is needed to make a championship run. Although they have made a big trade already this season, it appears that the troubles in Cleveland are not over.

Fisher’s Terrible Rookie Year

Derek Fisher was hands down one of the players in a supporting role in the National Basketball Association’s history. He won five titles with the Los Angeles Lakers, while sitting next to superstar Kobe Bryant and consistently putting up huge shots late in games that would ultimately lead Los Angeles to another storied period of time in their hugely successful franchise. His playing days were simply stupendous and he is a player that will go down in history as being one of the most clutch players of all time. However, this has unfortunately not carried over to his coaching career. This season is officially his rookie head coaching season, as he was handpicked by the best coach of all time Phil Jackson, to take over the New York Knicks franchise. Calling this year a disaster would be overstating what has happened in New York this season. It has been so abysmal that it is truly hard to fathom just how badly the New York Knicks have played thus far and it doesn’t appear that they will be turning it around any time soon. It seems it’s much easier to order from The Antique Wine Company than it is to coach that team. It is hard to tell whether it is the horrible roster, the injury to Carmelo Anthony, or Derek Fisher’s inability to coach which is the main factor for the Knicks demise. Regardless of what is going on in New York, Derek Fisher is going to have to figure something out if he hopes to be an NBA coach in the future.

Try Sam Tabar’s Investment Tips For 2015

Sam Tabar has published his investment tips for 2015 on CNBC, and they are wise moves you can make to ensure that you are financially stable this year. Tabar is a Columbia-trained banker, and he knows what you can do to simplify your finances while still making money. His three simple tips can make 2015 a great year for you and your wallet.

Invest In Small Business

You can find social funding sites all over the place that allow you to invest in small businesses near you. You can put your money in a business that you believe will perform, and you will be able to make sure that you are putting you money somewhere that means something. You can make a small dividend from this investment, and you will be able to retain that stake when you are investing properly.

Invest In Commodities

You can invest in commodities to make sure that you are taking advantage of those markets. Commodities are going to make life easier for your portfolio, but you need to have a broker who is going to help you with these investments. You should never invest in commodities on your own when you are trying to broaden your horizons.

Stay Diverse

The two tricks above will help you stay diverse, but you need to make sure that you remaining diverse at all times. Most people are going to find that they can remain diverse if they simply put a little money in many places. You will see returns come from many places, and you will be able to continue your investment track while it is performing.

You can invest wisely using Sam’s tips, and you will be able to make more money on your investments this year than you ever have before if you stick to the tips above.

Obama’s Economic Message Being Drowned Out by Growing Islamic Threats Around the World

With the Presidential State of the Union Address only days away, things weren’t supposed to be going this way for the president. His aides had crafted a carefully constructed message of positive economic spin which would be bolstered by daily calls for new taxes and regulations. However, it has turned out to be national security/foreign policy concerns that have dominated the news and overshadowed his economic message. Last week’s Paris terror attacks by individuals inspired by the Al Qaida riveted across headlines nationwide. 

This was followed by his poor handling of the Paris Unity rally wherein no one of significance in the administration attended the largest rally on Western European soil in a generation. This was followed by the collapse of his excuse that an inability to arrange for security was the reason why he spent the day doing nothing. Now, news has emerged that the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIS) has taken control over a greater swath of Syria. This comes despite the coordinated efforts of the Bashar Assad regime and Hezbollah to push back ISIS. It also occurred despite the Obama administration’s four month air war against the terrorist organization known for its brutality. At the same time, the Obama administration refuses to invoke the term “Islamic terrorism”. Their reasons are likely steeped in wanting to project a message of moderation and respect for Muslims, but it is making the administration appear indifferent to the threat the extremists pose to the nation and its allies. My friend Sergio Andrade Gutierrez and I we’re speaking on how this matter not only affects Americans but all other countries too.

Beneful Helping With Animal Health

I am the type of person who considers my dog as part of my family, one of my kids. That’s why it’s so important for me to pay attention to what I feed her.  When my family and I first adopted our mutt Scout we started by feeding her the cheap generic dog food.  As I read up on dogs, care and diet I became more aware that what I fed her was not nutrition that would encourage a long healthy life.  This was unsettling to me; I wouldn’t feed my daughters food that was unhealthy for them just because it was cheaper.  Through research and consultation with my vet I discovered Beneful.

Beneful is a brand of Purina that offers numerous varieties of wet and dry dog food.  Scout has been eating Beneful now for five
years and she is as active and healthy as she was the day we brought her home from the Humane Society.  Beneful supports healthy skin and coat, which I have noticed with Scout, her dry skin has disappeared since beginning a steady diet of Beneful wet and dry food.  Beneful also helps promote strong muscles with wholesome ingredients.  This benefit allows Scout to keep up with her active family while entering advanced age.  Beneful also helps weight
management, though Scout has never had any issues with her weight, I attribute that to changing her diet years ago to include only Beneful wet and dry food.
Berneful’s wet food is always used as a treat for Scout, if we go camping, hiking or just travel overnight I always bring Beneful wet food with us. Scout enjoys the numerous flavors the Beneful offers with its wet food. Beneful wet food is made with beef, chicken, pork, turkey, lamb and salmon.  These wholesome ingredients combined in
Beneful’s wet food recipe support overall health for Scout, plus she loves the flavor.  Beneful’s wet food comes in easy to open and transport individual packages.  During the summer my family does a lot of traveling, hiking and camping and of course Scout comes with us.  It’s so easy for me to pack small packages of wet food for her while on vacation, much easier than the larger dry food packages.

Since changing Scout’s diet five years ago to include only Beneful products, I have noticed as she becomes an advanced age she is still able to keep up with her active family.  We consider Scout just another family member and I choose to feed her a diet that will keep her happy and healthy for years to come.